BBB Photos
John Sidney b: 1879 d:1943 & Nellie Bessie Bearfield
b:1882 d: 1943 - Married  01 Jan 1909
Photo courtesy of Charlotte B. Quinn - Granddaugher.
Original photo in her possession.
1st photo:  John Sidney & son, John Leonard Bearfied b: 25 Jan 1920 d:1972
2nd photo Nellie Bessie & son, John Leonard Bearfield.
It looks as if father & son were both big cut-up's!
Photo Courtesy of Charlotte B. Quinn.
My Grandfather at a young age.
William James Bearfield b: abt 1906
First born child of John Sidney & Eliza
Chance Bearfield. Photo courtesy of Charlotte
B. Quinn.
Children on William James Bearfield &
first wife, Bertha Mae Henson.
l-r; Arliss, Carliss & Mary.
In Loving Memory
Pryor Nelson Ingram
b: July 01, 1921
d: May 17, 2004
Me & a new found cousin, Pryor Nelson Ingram  at our first meeting in
2001 & who was also working the family tree. Pryor & his wife Louise,
welcomed my mother & I into their home with open arms.  We all hit it
off like two peas in a pod and had a blast the day we visited looking at old
pictures & listening to each others stories!! We couldn't stop jabbering!!
Before we left their home that day, Pryor handed me a suitcase full of old
pictures & documents and said "Take these, make copies, keep as long as
you need too." I was amazed that he was so generous to trust a lady he
had only met that very day with his suitcase of genealogy!
Pryor's parent's were John Warren b: 1865 d: 1958 & Maggie Nettie
Bearfield Ingram b: 1878 d: 1970. "Nettie" was the sister of John Sidney
Bearfield, my g-grandfather.